Oclean Launches the World’s Smallest Smart Oral Irrigator

The latest product, the world’s smallest and smartest oral irrigator, Oclean W1 was launched on Amazon in the US for $79.99.

Oclean W1 Smart Oral irrigator – Small Yet Mighty

Smallest water flosser on the market, which means floss is not the only portable choice to clean your teeth, users can also enjoy an effective and gentle cleaning anywhere, anytime.

Innovative working scheme combined with water and air cleaning, which offers protection and caring to teeth and gums while cleaning.

The smart oral irrigator, supports the combination scheme of dental floss mode, gentle mode, gum massage mode and 6 more modes in the app to fulfill different demands.

“The Oclean W1 can effectively allow for efficient cleaning between teeth and have an effective method of removing interproximal plaque and create a clean and healthy environment between teeth and around all dental restorations. The size and shape and the included travel case allow the user to have the W1 always available whether at home or on the go, so you will always be able to use it,” said Dr. Steven J. Mondre, ADA professional dentist.

Oclean W1 Smart Oral Irrigator is Useful For People With These 5 Dental Problems

People with dental issues will have difficulties in cleaning their teeth, Oclean smart oral irrigator will help them a lot in this.

Orthodontic patients may be using braces or other accessories for improving their smile, which may make it more difficult to clean their teeth.

Dental implant restoration patients need to take care of their teeth and gums around dental implants. They can use a dental flusher or oral irrigator for cleaning any tissue around the implants.

Periodontal disease patients should consider using a combination of teeth flushing and brushing  to clean their teeth completely.

Elderly people tend to encounter more oral health issues, for example, teeth loss, periodontal diseases, or dentures. Any parts of these dentures may accumulate food residue. Oclean smart oral irrigator will help them to clean and protect their teeth.